Terms & Conditions

The vehicle may only be driven by the renter and additional drivers who are noted in the rental agreement. Otherwise, all protection will be lost.

1 – Insurance and Deposit authorization

There are 3 insurance options: Basic, Medium & Premium.
The Basic insurance is included in the rate, and contains a renters liability of DKK 10.000,- per damage.
The Medium insurance lowers the renters liability to DKK 3.000,- per damage, and costs DKK 150,- per day.
The Premium insurance lowers the renters liability to DKK 0,- (ZERO) per damage, and costs DKK 250,- per day.

When handed the car keys to the rental car, 62°N Car Rental will impound a deposit authorization on the renters credit card, in addition to the agreed rental rate. If the renter selects the Basic insurance, a deposit of DKK 13.000,- will be withheld on the renters credit card. If the renter selects the Medium insurance, the deposit amount is DKK 6.000,-. If the Premium insurance is selected, the deposit fee is DKK 3.000,-. The insurance must be signed before rental start.

Please note that the deposit authorization secures payment for possible damages, toll roads driven, lack of fuel in vehicle upon return, parking fines and other possible extra fees. If there are no issues regarding payment, the authorized deposit amount will be released. The final payment will be settled up to one week after the car has been returned to 62°N. Certain damages are not covered when purchasing additional insurances. These are listed below in the terms and conditions.

2 – Delivery and Return

The vehicle must be delivered to the renter in good overall condition and without any visible defects or shortcomings. Any complaints as to the condition of the vehicle must be made to 62°N immediately at time of pickup. The renter is responsible for returning the vehicle with all documents and accessories and in the same condition as on the date stipulated in the Agreement. 62°N reserves the right to repossess the vehicle at any time without demand – and at the renter’s expense – if the vehicle is used in any manner contrary to this Agreement.

If the vehicle is returned outside our regular opening hours, you are responsible for the vehicle until it has been inspected by our staff. You can always call our emergency telephone +298 73 35 10 to get the car inspected.

3 – Damage, theft, etc.

Double-check the rental car for damages which may have been overlooked by our staff. All damages should appear on the rental agreement.

PLEASE NOTE: Should you find any unreported damage on the vehicle, not marked with a sticker, you must take pictures of the unreported damages and send them to car@62n.fo before driving. Please advise 62°N to re-examine the rental car on your behalf.

a) 62°N has compulsory vehicle insurance covering third-party damages. The renter is responsible for an own-risk and an additional charge according to the current tariff, covering 62°N loss of profits regarding the insurance.
b) In the event of damage to or loss of vehicle through theft or otherwise, the renter must pay an own-risk and an additional charge according to the current tariff, covering 62°N loss of profits regarding the insurance.
c) The limitation of the renter’s liability as stated in clause 2a) and 2b) above will not apply where the renter violates the terms and conditions applicable to this rental agreement or acts with gross negligence or intention. In the event that the renter shall compensate 62°N for full loss suffered, irrespective of whether any insurance is taken, see clauses 2c) above have been affected.
d) In the event of 62°N being unable to claim losses from a third-party due to faulty information, the renter will be responsible for 62°N losses.
e) In the event where road assistance is needed, the renter must cover the complete cost of road assistance if self-inflicted, unless the additional road assistance service is purchased prior to rental start.
f) By signing this contract, the renter agrees to let the lessor debit the renter´s credit card/payment card for any expenses that the lessor may have in relation to repairs and loss of income per day due to collision damages or other damages that have been made to the car.

4 – Charges

By signing and accepting our Terms and Conditions the renter is responsible to add fuel to the same level as when received in addition to below statements.

a) When the vehicle is delivered to the renter, the car is fully fueled, and it must be returned fully fueled. In case the rental car is lacking fuel upon return, the renter will be charged between DKK 20,- and DKK 30,- per missing liter, in addition to an administration fee of DKK 300,-. If the car is filled with wrong type of fuel, a fee of minimum DKK 10.000,- will apply.
b) All public and other direct and indirect taxes incidental to the Rental Agreement or any amount charged by 62°N as reimbursement of such direct and indirect taxes
c) Costs incurred by 62°N, including reasonable attorney fees, incurred in collecting payment due from the renter under his Rental Agreement.
d) Fines, penalties, forfeiture, law costs and other expenses if such are imposed on while on rental to the renter, unless occasioned by any fault of 62°N. However, this provision shall not exempt the renter or any other person from direct responsibility to any public body or authority for his own unlawful conduct.
e) The following vehicle damages will not be covered by insurances purchased: Damage to clutch, adverse wear to tires, rims and wheel covers, damages and cracks in the windscreen, as well as damages caused by misuse and misloading. Upon return of rental car, the renter is required to leave the car in acceptable condition. If the car is returned in a condition which requires the car to be thoroughly cleaned, extra charges apply for an amount of DKK 625,-
f) Smoking in the vehicle. Smoking is strongly prohibited in all our rental cars at any time. Please note: In case of smoking in the rental car, a penalty fee of minimum DKK 5.000 will apply.
g) Damages caused by filling or topping up AdBlue into the fuel tank will not be covered by 62°N Car Rental, and the renter/driver is liable for the full cost of damages caused.
h) Tunnel fees. The subsea tunnels in the Faroe Islands are toll roads. Our cars are all equipped with a tunnel “chip”, and the renter shall NOT pay the toll fee at the nearest gas station, as stated on road signs upon entering these tunnels. 62°N will charge subsea tunnel fees from the deposit authorization after delivery of the rental car. The fee for passing through each of these tunnels is listed below.
Vágatunnilin connecting Vágar – Streymoy. DKK 100,- per return trip. Payment is only applicable one way.
Norðoyatunnilin connecting Borðoy – Eysturoy. DKK 100,- per return trip. Payment is only applicable one way. Eysturoyartunnilin (1) connecting Eysturoy – Streymoy. DKK 250,- per trip. Payment is applicable both ways. Eysturoyartunnilin (2) connecting Eysturoy (Strendur) – Eysturoy (Rókin). DKK 150,- per trip. Payment is applicable both ways. Sandoyartunnilin connecting Sandoy – Streymoy, DKK 250,- per trip.
i) Parking fines. The local tariff in the Faroes for parking fines is DKK 200,-. If renter receives a parking fine whilst renting from 62N Car Rental, we advise paying the fine at the local police station. If the parking fine is not paid for by the renter at the police station, 62N Car Rental will charge the renter via the deposit authorization. An administration fee of DKK 250,- will apply for this action.
j) The renter/driver must be at least 18 years old. A young driver fee of DKK 600,- applies for drivers aged 18-21.

5 – Indemnification

In so far as permitted by law, 62°N cannot be held responsible for any damage inflicted on the renter or any third-party through use of the vehicle, or for loss of or damage to any property of the renter left in the vehicle, or for loss or inconvenience caused by delays in delivery, engine failure or from other causes.

6 – Conditions of use

The renter is expected to look after the vehicle carefully and not allow it to be used by any other person. The renter must under no circumstances action below statements, otherwise all insurance is nullified, and renter is responsible for any damage etc. inflicted upon the vehicle and an amount of DKK 15.000,- will be charged if the vehicle is used;

a) To carry persons or property for hire.
b) To propel or tow any vehicle, trailer or any other object.
c) In any race, test or contest.
d) While the renter or any other designated driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, narcotics or any other substance impaling judgement or ability to react.
e) In contravention of any custom or traffic regulation, or other regulation.
f) By any person other than the renter, unless this person is designated in the appropriate box on the front page of this Rental Agreement, and authorized by 62°N.

7 – Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance

62°N has been taken out a statutory Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance policy covering the renter and other persons authorized by 62°N to drive the vehicle.

8 – Other conditions

Any injury or damage shall be reported immediately to the police (112) and to 62°N within 6 hours. An accident report form shall be completed on request. Third-party claims must not be admitted. Detail of witnesses and other vehicles involved shall be obtained where possible. The renter agrees to cooperate with 62°N and insurers in any investigation or legal proceedings. A copy of the Policy Conditions is available for inspection at 62°N’ headquarters. In case there is a fault with the car, please call our emergency phone at +298 73 35 10.


The following payment cards are approved by 62°N Car Rental: Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Debit Mastercard, Mastercard Maestro, Diners Club, VPAY, JCB.

Payment by cash or cheque are not accepted.

Cancellation terms
More than 7 days before pick up: partial refund. Cancellation Fee DKK 1.000,- applies.
Less than 7 days before pick up, no refund.
*No refund applies for cancellations on minibus reservations less than 60 days before pick up.