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62°N Maritime & Corporate Travel

At 62°N Vinna your travel requirements are our top priority. Our employees specialise in taking care of both corporate and marine travel and are available 24/7

24/7 service:

+298 340010



24/7 on-call service

Our business department is on call 24/7 and we offer swift service to maritime and corporate clients all around the world.

 Crew changes and flexibility

We know, when working at sea that wind and weather can affect crew changes. 62°N gives maritime, corporate and offshore clients that necessary flexibility, so business can be done without costly delays.

Marine fares

We offer negotiated marine fares for all seafarers travelling to and from the vessels. Our negotiated fares with all major airlines ensure a competitive price and flexible terms of changes.


Should your trip require a stopover, we have agreements with hotels all over the world.

Avoid Restrictions

Our skilled staff will check if your crew may require any visas - and will look for route options avoiding such travel restrictions. We always try to plan your trip, so you can avoid restrictions and visa requirements.


Life at sea can take you around the world and when working in different parts of the world, you also work in different time zones. We are at your service 24/7.

Save time

Time is money! We always do short work of your travel needs. Choose 62°N as your trusted travel agency, and we will help you save time and money, so you can focus on your core business.