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Here you can see Faroe Islands on map and download a map of Faroe Islands. You can also find a hiking guide with maps of Faroe Islands.

Where are the Faroe Islands? Well, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean the Faroe Islands are located. The 18 islands are separated by narrow sounds and fjords, located about halfway between Scotland and Iceland. The overall length of the archipelago is from east to west 75 kilometres and north to south 113 kilometres. You can see Faroe Islands on a map further down.

The infrastructure is well organised and ensures a effortless journey. Most of the islands are connected by tunnels and bridges and therefore it is easy to travel by vehicles around the Faroe Islands.  By car you can get around in your own pace, which is a great advantage as the weather can be radically different from one place in the country to another, see our bestseller: Explore the Faroe Islands by car.

When arriving to the Faroe Islands we recommend you to get a map of the Faroe Islands. Please see the map when finding your way.

Click on image to download map of the Faroe Islands pdf

Map Faroe Islands

In 1895, the work on establishing a triangulation network in Faroe Islands started. A map of the Faroe Islands was published in 1916 in a 1:100,000 format. Subsequently, an update of the map was carried out over the years and in 1982-1984 air photos were taken. This gave a better picture of the Faroe Islands on map. By 2015, a new topographic map of the islands was developed, based on satellite recordings and a digital terrain model. 

Hiking maps in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands is a dream destination for those who love nature and outdoor activities and we have designed a package that offers you a great week packed with varying hiking tours, see our Hiking tour

Before arrival, browse through the hiking map, which provides suggested hiking routes and practical information related to hiking and walking. This hiking guide will show you some spectacular places in the Faroe Islands that can be discovered on foot. We recommend your visitors following the guide and paths or to contact a local guide, when hiking. Click here to download it as pdf 

See a suggested route below: Tórshavn - Kirkjubøur

Hiking Faroe Islands

Most of the paths described in this guide are old village paths. The chosen routes are listed in geographical order from north to south. The recommend paths are mostly marked with ancient cairns and are used as a form of navigation by placing loose stones in piles and adding as time goes. The cairns are in most places well maintained, though in some places, the cairns can be hard to see, while the path is clearly visible. On some routes, poles sticking out of the ground are used as direction of the path. There are, however, a few places without cairns, clear path or poles. For these places, we have described other features, such as masts, buildings, inclination of the land and gorges. We recommend to contact the local tourist office for guidance.

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Hiking in the Faroe Islands

One of the may special features of the Faroe Islands is that you don't have to go far to experience magnificent and untouched nature. Look around you. Take a few steps. Take a deep breath and listen. It's all right there!

Here you have a hiking guide to some of the beautiful places in the Faroe Islands that can be discovered on foot.

Click here to download Hiking in the Faroe Islands brochure as pdf  

Cycling in the Faroe Islands

Find inspiration about where to bike in the Faroe Islands, browse through the bicycling map.

Click here to download Cycling in the Faroe Islands brochure as pdf


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