• How to get to the Faroe Islands

    By air

Fligths to the Faroe Islands

Your trip to the Faroe Islands can be arranged by plane or ship, and the connections are good from Denmark and the rest of Europe. Fly with the Faroese company Atlantic Airways, the Scandinavian company SAS or sail with the local company Smyril Line. 

The airline companies offer a variation of connections to/from the Faroe Islands. The most frequent flight route is from Copenhagen, Denmark and lasts just over 2 hours. There are 1-3 Faroe Islands flights daily, offered both by Atlantic Airways and SAS.


Fly with Atlantic Airways to the Faroe Islands

  • Copenhagen, Denmark (1-3 daily departures)
  • Billund, Denmark (2-6 weekly departures)
  • Bergen, Norway (3-4 weekly departures)
  • Reykjavík, Iceland (2-3 weekly departures)
  • Edinburgh, Scotland (2 weekly departures)
  • SÓL routes (1-2 weekly departures)
    • Spain - Barcelona, ​​Mallorca, Gran Canaria
    • Portugal and Malta 


Fly with SAS to the Faroe Islands

  • Copenhagen, Denmark (5-7 weekly departures)

More information on how to get to the Faroe Islands?

If you need more information about flights to the Faroe Islands, you are welcome to contact 62°N on tel .: (+298) 34 00 60 or mail: incoming@62n.fo 




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