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    Sheepview 360°

Sheepview 360°

The Faroe Islands have some the most beautiful roads in the world, where you can experience a wonderful drive through green mountains, valleys and along the ocean. But there was a problem - the Faroe Islands where missing on Google Street View.

In 2016, Visit Faroe Islands created the Sheep View 360° campaign - petitioned Google to be featured on Google Street View by creating their own version.

’’We Want Google Street View’’

So what did they do? Durita Andreasen from Visit Faroe Islands used sheep equipped with cameras to create her own version of Google Street View - and the resulting track and trails where afterwards uploaded to Street View, hoping that Google would finish the job. As the campaign hit the headlines, Google supplied the islanders with camera equipment. People captured subsequently images by different methods: on foot, cars, bikes, kayaks, ships, and even wheelbarrows.

"When we started this project, we wanted Google Street View available in the Faroe Islands so we could share our beautiful country with the world, and with all the people who do not have the means to visit. During the process, we fell in love with our own woolly version of Street View, so we are absolutely delighted that Google has decided to help us continue on the same path.” says Durita Andreassen, the originator of the project.


In November 2017 this campaign resulted in that 
Google Street View today features the Faroe Islands.





Sheepview 360°


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