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The Puffins in the Faroe Islands, also known as Lundi, are an Arctic bird of prey. The birds visit the Faroe Islands every year and can be experienced from mid April to September. The rest of the months they spend at sea. The puffins arrive to the islands in a numerous amount and it is believed that more than one million birds breed in the Faroe Islands during the summer period.

Experience the puffins on the island of Mykines

Experience the puffins on a day excursions to Mykines together with a guide. The nature of the island is exceptional and on the bird cliffs you can get close to the amazingly beautiful puffins and many other bird sorts on the island. 

The puffin live in colonies on the Faroese coasts, notably on the island of Mykines. The birds settle in grassy, steep slopes where they breed in colonies. In the area where the colonies are, the puffin can be heard with a notable deep and gritty sound.

The birds live close to each other in the colonies and during the summer months the traffic is constant. The puffin comes and leaves the colony to dig a nest hole, lay eggs, and feed the younger puffins. In the nest hole, an egg is placed and weighs about 60 grams. The young puffins spend about 45 days in the nest if enough food is available. In some cases the younger puffins stay in the nest for 80 days if there is limited food available. The puffin collects a large number of fish each time and keep the fish in the beak so that the fish are not swallowed before the young puffins are fed with food.


Characteristics of the puffin are its colourful beak, black neck, and it is the orange legs, that make it an eye-catching bird. Puffins become in average 20-25 years old and it is believed that they find a life partner. An adult bird is about 32 cm tall and weighs about 380 grams.

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