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KOKS, michelin-starred restaurant

If you want to experience Faroese gastronomy at the highest level, you should enjoy the experience of eating at KOKS restaurant, which in 2017 became the first Faroese restaurant to receive a michelin star.

KOKS uses fresh local raw materials from the Faroe Islands. The free-range sheep grazing on the mountain sides, wild birds such as fulmars and seafood of the highest quality from the Atlantic's nutritious water forms the framework of the menu. The kitchen experiments with the Faroese traditional way to cook food, such as salting, drying and fermentation. The salty and cool air through the winter season has provided the unique Faroese tradition of fermentation, which, with its complex flavor, provides an extraordinary taste experience.

The restaurant is located in the village of Kirkjubøur near Torshavn. KOKS was awarded in 2015 as the Nordic restaurant of the year and now boasts a michelin star as proof of the ultimate gastronomic experience.

KOKS restaurant delivers an exquisite experience, and at 62N we make sure that this restaurant together with others can form the frame for an unforgettable gastronomic trip, where you can see and taste the best of the Faroe Islands.

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