• DKK 995,- | EUR 135,-

    Vestmanna Sea Cliffs with birds

    High impressive cliffs, rich birdlife and singing caves with a private driver/guide

Vestmanna – Sea cliffs with birds

DKK 995,- | EUR 135,-

Enjoy a fascinating boat trip and get close to the mesmerizing sea cliffs. Words cannot describe the buzz you will experience when witnessing the steep rocks surrounded by the forceful waves of the ocean and the audibility of beautiful sea birds all around.

From your hotel in Tórshavn we will head north to Vestmanna, from where the Vestmanna Birdcliffs Boat Tour starts. This boat trip is 2 hours long and will sail you close to the exceptional sea cliffs and breeding grounds of numerous species of birds. Thousands of seabirds breed on the rock wall over 600 meters high. The captain of the boat entertains with his extensive knowledge about the Faroese sea, boats, and bird life.

On our way back to Tórshavn we will stop at the village of Kvívík where we will see an old excavation of two viking longhouses. This will give you a small insight into what daily life was like in viking times.

From there we stop at the village Leynar, a picturesque small village, before driving back to Tórshavn.



  • Vestmanna Bird Cliffs
  • 2-hour boat tour
  • Private driver/guide
  • Rich bird life
  • Singing caves
  • Kvívík - viking longhouses
  • Leynar - one of the few beaches in the Faroes

What to bring

  • Camera
  • Warm clothes & raincoat
  • Binoculars
  • Seasickness pills if needed
  • Good mood

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Price list is valid is valid in 2022

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Vestmanna Bird Cliffs

Wednesdays and Saturdays 12.00 - 17.00

Includes: Pick-up & drop-off at your hotel in Tórshavn, local guide, 2-hour boat tour, transportation, and free wifi.

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