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    Sandoy – The Saga Island & Kirkjubøur

    The Sandoy Saga island and Kirkjubøur tour presents some of the most unspoiled, traditional and historical places of the Faroe Islands.

Sandoy - The Saga Island and Kirkjubøur

DKK 1.495,- | EUR 205,-

Enjoy the beautiful nature, rich birdlife and history on an amazing day tour to Sandoy and Kirkjubøur. Together you will hear the tales and visit old sites that date back to the viking era. This tour includes sea-mines from World War II and stories from a time where the United Kingdom occupied the strategically important Faroe Islands to preempt a German invasion.

After a beautiful 15-minute drive from Tórshavn, driving by Velbastaður, and a 25-minute ferry to Sandoy your saga adventure may begin.

On Sandoy we will visit the villages of Skopun, Sandur, Skálavík, Húsavík, Dalur and Skarvanes.

The main village, Sandur is the only place in the Faroes where you can see real sand dunes. The Church in Sandur is some sight, and the churches have been an anchor and a place of getting together in the Faroese culture in sometimes, very difficult times of past.

The old village, Skálavík is home to another variant of the Seal Woman legend, similar to the one you may have heard regarding Mikladalur on Kalsoy island. Skálavík also has an old-style cozy café Á Mølini.

Húsavík is one of the original farming villages on the island and was home to the infamous "Húsfrúgvin í Húsavík", without doubt, the richest woman in all of Faroese history. Check out the ruins of her old farm, amongst some old storage houses, and a few drift mines from the World War 2.

You are in for a real treat with the amazing scenery at the village of Dalur, and a quaint little pebble beach.

Skarvanes was a deserted village up until a decade ago, where you have a great view of Skúvoy, Stóra Dímun and Suðuroy.

On the way back to Tórshavn, we will visit the most history-rich village and the culture center in the Faroe Islands, Kirkjubøur.

The owner of the farm is a 17'th generation of the family Patursson, living in the oldest wooden house in the country (And maybe Europe!). A house dating back to the viking era. The old St. Olav's Church is the oldest church on the islands that is still in use and its newer cousin, the St. Magnus Cathedral ruins, stand opulently close by. Here there are local stories of Kings, Bishops, Priests, Farmers, Civil War, and Rescues to be heard.


  • Sandoy
  • Kirkjubøur - historical center of the Faroe Islands
  • St. Olav's Church
  • St. Magnus Cathedral Ruins
  • Kings, bishops, priests, farmers, Civil War, and Rescues to be heard
  • Old sites from the Viking era
  • Sea-mines from World War II
  • Villages Skopun, Sandur, Skálavík, Húsavík, Dalur and Skarvanes
  • Church in Sandur
  • Farming villages
  • Húsfrúgvin í Húsavík
  • Views of Skúvoy, Stóra Dímun and Suðuroy

What to bring

  • Camera
  • Warm clothes & raincoat
  • Binoculars
  • Good mood

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Sandoy - The Saga Island & Kirkjubøur

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