At 62°N we have dedicated and qualified specialists with years of experience within the MICE business.

Embark on a Faroe Islands journey, where the allure of remoteness is just a 2-hour flight away. Across 18 captivating islands, our unique destination is the perfect setting for exceptional conferences, meetings, incentives, and events. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of isolation and accessibility, crafting experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

Tailored Excellence

At 62°N, our MICE specialists ensure your event’s success. From flights to activities, we tailor solutions to your goals.

The Faroe Islands offer a touch of authenticity with just a 2-3 hour flight from mainland Europe. Experience captivating panoramic views in less than 1 hour from the airport to your accommodation.

Upcoming Conferences

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Direct Flights

Convenient connections from major European cities, including Copenhagen, Billund, Oslo, Reykjavík, Edinburgh, and more. One-stop options via Frankfurt or Amsterdam.

Modern Facilities

Experience modernity with top-notch 5-star conference facilities or intimate board meeting setups. From 4-star city hotels to charming village accommodations, the Faroe Islands have it all.

Efficient Travel

Explore the entire archipelago in just 1 hour, thanks to a well-connected network of roads, tunnels, and bridges. Spend less time traveling, more time experiencing.

Versatile Activities

Dramatic landscapes set the stage for diverse activities—hiking, cycling, diving, and team-building events. Find tranquility with yoga, spa retreats, or traditional handcrafting.

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