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    Safety First

Safety first

Renting a car is a very popular way to get around. It is a flexible and easy and gives you the possibility to decide your own route. Most of the islands are connected via bridges and subsea tunnels, making it effortless to drive around. By car you can get around in your own pace, which is a great advantage as the weather can be radically different from one place in the country to another. Please press here to read more about driving in the Faroe Islands and what you should bear in mind.



Vehicle category overview

* = Automatic transmission
** = 4 Wheel Drive
*** = Automatic transmission & 4 Wheel Drive

A - Toyota Aygo Cross
AE - Toyota Aygo Cross *
B - Citroen C3
BE - Hyundai i20 *
C - Toyota Yaris Cross
CE - Toyota Yaris Cross *
CE(S) - Toyota Yaris Cross ***
CE(EV) - Peugeot e2008 ELECTRIC VEHICLE *
D - Nissan Qashqai
E - Nissan Qashqai BESTSELLER *
E(S) - Toyota Corolla Cross ***
O - Opel Astra station wagon
OE - Opel Astra station wagon *
P - Opel Insignia station wagon
PE - Opel Insignia station wagon *
Q - Peugeot 5008 7 seater
QE - Peugeot 5008 7 seater *
S - Toyota RAV4 **
SE - Toyota RAV4 ***
FDAR - Toyota Camry *
T - Nissan NV300 9 seater minibus

Please note that the vehicle categories above serve as a general reference. The specific vehicle provided may not be an exact match but rather a similar vehicle.


Safety first

The Faroe Islands are problably one of the safest countries in the whole world, but travelling in the Faroe Islands might be a little different from what you are used to. We think it is important that you are well-informed about circumstances such as extreme weather, narrow, windy roads and different traffic rules before you begin your journey to the Faroe Islands.

Please read this leaflet on how to travel safely in the Faroe Islands.




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