Donation to the Faroese Cancer Society

62°N car rental and the Faroese Cancer Society have made a donation agreement in 2019. This gives clients the possibility of making a donation when renting a car on 62°N car rental's website. The donation will be given to Faroese children, whose parents have been diagnosed with cancer. It is possible to donate 50 DKK, 150 DKK or 300 DKK. The full amount will be donated to the Faroese Cancer Society.

62°N also supports the Faroese Cancer Society via our travel agency. Our business department donates 10 DKK for each traveller purchasing a business trip.







About 62°N

With more than 50 years in the travel business 62°N is the most experienced agency in the Faroe Islands.

We work with all aspects of travel and events. We offer knowledge, both as travel agency and as experienced incoming agency. We deal with airport handling, check-in and have rental cars at our disposal.


62°N Car Rental Vágarnar

Airport | 380 Sørvágur | Faroe Islands

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Monday to Friday | 7.30 til 21.00

Tel: +298 733 510



62°N Car Rental Tórshavn

Jónas Broncksgøta 17 | 100 Tórshavn | Faroe Islands

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday | 8.00 til 16.00

Tel: +298 733 540