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62°N Car Rental Terms and Conditions


In case of damage to your rental car, your renters liability is DKK 7.000 per damage (CDW+TP insurance), which may be reduced to DKK 1.000 per damage, by upgrading to our superior SDCW+TP insurance, at a cost of DKK 100 per rental day. Please note: The superior SCDW+TP insurance, must be signed for before rental start.

Check your rental car
Please double-check rental car for damages 62°N may have overlooked in the car rental contract. Stickers showing ‘Damage reported’ indicate that the damage has been reported with 62°N car rental.
PLEASE NOTE: Should you find any unreported damage on the vehicle, not marked with a sticker, you must take pictures of the unreported damages and send them to car@62n.fo before leaving the airport. Please advise 62°N to re-examine the rental car on your behalf.

Tunnel passing’s
The two subsea tunnels connecting the islands of Vágar (airport) to Streymoy (Tórshavn) and Eysturoy to Borðoy (Klaksvík) are toll roads. Our cars are all equipped with a tunnel “chip”, and the renter shall NOT pay the toll fee at the nearest gas station, as stated on road signs upon entering these tunnels. 62°N will charge subsea tunnel fees from the deposit after delivery of the rental car. The fee for passing through each of these tunnels is DKK 100 per return trip (payment only applicable one way). You have the option to buy unlimited passing’s, DKK 300 per week. NO REFUND applies if the customer pays for tunnel passing’s at a gas station.

When delivered to the renter, the car is fully fuelled and it must be returned fully fuelled. In case the rental car is lacking fuel when delivered to us, the renter will be charged DKK 20 per missing litre, in addition to an administration fee of DKK 50.
Please note: If the car is fuelled with the wrong type of fuel, a fee of DKK 5.500 in damages will apply

Smoking is strongly prohibited in all our rental cars at any time.
Please note: In case of smoking in the rental car, a penalty fee of DKK 4.500 will apply.

Upon delivery of the rental car, you are required to leave the car in acceptable condition. If the car is returned in a condition which requires the car to be thoroughly cleaned, extra charges may apply.

In case of emergency
In case there is a fault with the car, call our emergency phone at +298 73 35 10.

Payment and Online payment
We accept payment made by with the following
The following payment cards are approved by 62°N Car Rental: Dankort, Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Eurocard, V PAY and Maestro

Payments made cash or by cheque will NOT be accepted.

Debit/Credit card, Bank Account details
The debit/credit card details provided by you for use of the Payment Gateway will be correct and accurate and you shall not use a debit/credit card, which is not lawfully owned by you. You further agree and undertake to provide correct and valid debit/credit card details. You may make your payments to 62°N by using a Debit/Credit Card. When You initiate a online payment Instruction and provide Your Card / Bank details:

1. You warrant that You are fully and lawfully entitled to use such Credit / Debit Card, Bank Account for such transactions,
2. You are responsible to ensure that the Card, Bank Account details provided by You are accurate,
3. You are authorizing the debit to the nominated Card, Bank account for the settlement of payment of services selected by you along with the Applicable charges and taxes.

You are responsible to ensure that sufficient credit is available on your nominated Card, Bank Account at the time of making the payment selected by you inclusive of the applicable taxes.
car rental

Deposit authorization
When handed the car keys to the rental car, 62°N will impound a deposit authorization of DKK 2.000 on the renter’s credit card, in addition to the daily rental fee. If renter chooses to upgrade their insurance to the superior SCDW+TP insurance class (see additional information under ‘Insurance’ below) this deposit authorization is reduced to DKK 1.500.
The deposit will be released after the end of the rental period unless there are additional fees such as tunnel fees, fees related to lack of fuel in vehicle upon return, damages, parking fines and other possible extra fees. These will be charged from the deposit.
The final payment will be settled to one week after the car has been returned to 62°N.

Official documents
62°N will need a copy of the renters valid driver’s license.

By signing the rental agreement, the renter accepts the terms and conditions as the essence of the rental agreement.